Atelier Cerasarda: the origins of a legend.

The brand known as “the ceramic of the Costa Smeralda” is a superior Italian brand that was established in 1963 in Olbia at the behest of Prince Karim Aga Khan.

The bright colours of the glazes, the exquisite decorations, the excellent local craftsmanship and the first-rate design are its hallmarks.

Choosing Cerasarda means surrounding yourself with exclusive architectural elegance reminiscent of a territory that has become a veritable legend: the Costa Smeralda.

An enchanted oasis where nature takes centre stage.
Wind-carved rocks, coves with whitish-pink sand, a crystalline sea with a myriad shades that change according to the seasons and the gusts of wind, the intense scent of Mediterranean scrub… this is the breath-taking scenery that enchanted Prince Aga Khan one spring day in the late 1950s, and which led him to establish an important project: the Consorzio Costa Smeralda..